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columbo express


Colombo express was built by Hyundai Heavy Industries in south Korea and came into service in April 2005 following a naming ceremony held in Singapore with Christiane Krumnow acting as godmother, Colombo express is one of the world’s largest cargo ships measuring 1,099 feet in length with a beam just under 140 feet, she is owned and operated by Hapag-Lloyd who are based in Germany.

Colombo express was built as a container ship and can carry 8,750 twenty foot containers, her diesel engine has an output of 68,600 KW and can generate enough electricity to supply a small town.



Ship Specifications
cargo ship
  • Size: Huge
  • Length: 1,099 Feet
  • Beam: 138 Feet
  • Speed: 25 Knots
  • Tonnage: 93,750
  • Capacity: 8,750 20 foot containers
  • Christened: 11 April 2005
  • Godmother: Christiane Krumnow

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