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Club Cruise was a Holland-based cruise ship company founded in 1999 with one ship, MS Club 1 initially the company operated short cruises out of Rotterdam but the 1999 summer season was unsuccessful and the company ceased operations.

In 2002 MS Club 1 was chartered to Travelscope, and renamed  MV Van Gogh,  Two additional ships were acquired in 2006, MS Albatross and MS Walrus, the later ship was renamed in 2008 to MS Alexander von Humboldt II, the following year Club Cruise acquired MS Astoria and the cruise ferry Finnjet which was renamed GTS Da Vinci, however plans to rebuilt her into a cruise ship were abandoned due to financial difficulties the GTS Da Vinci was sold for scrap in 2008.


Following the collapse of Travelscope a new subsidiary Van Gogh Cruises was established in January 2008 to operate the popular MV Van Gogh the company was staffed by ex-Travelscope employees but Due to difficulties in acquiring ABTA membership Van Gogh Cruises ceased operations in late 2008.

Club Cruise Continues to charter cruise ships but no longer operates them under its own brands.


albatros  MS Albatros
Alexander Von Humboldt  MS Alexander Von Humbold II
astoria  MS Astoria
mv van gogh  MV Van Gogh



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