Costa Deliziosa

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The 92,700-ton Costa Deliziosa was constructed by Italian company Fincantieri and launched in February 2010. Around 3,000 people worked on the construction of Costa Deliziosa, which cost over 450 million euro to build the ship was christened on February 23, 2010, in Dubai and is the first every cruise ship named in an Arabian city.

The ships onboard facilities include specially commissioned artwork in the public areas, three swimming pools in a resort-style area, four Jacuzzis, a three-storey theatre, casino, dance club and piano bar, disco, a 4-D cinema, a roller skating track, Sony Playstation3 game consoles in every stateroom, an 18-hole golf simulator, Grand Prix racing car simulator and an outdoor big screen, sauna, steam room, library and a shopping centre.



Onboard Entertainment and Facilities


Pools tick-icon whirlpools tick-icon
Flowrider  Cross-icon  Rock wall  Cross-icon 
Restaurants & Bars  tick-icon  Shops  tick-icon 
Fast Food  tick-icon  Room Service  tick-icon 
Nightclub or Disco  tick-icon  Lounge  tick-icon 
Theater  tick-icon Cafe's  tick-icon
Casino  tick-icon  Piano Bar  tick-icon 
Pursers desk  tick-icon  Excursion desk  tick-icon 
Library  tick-icon  Photo shop  tick-icon 
Card room  tick-icon  Medical room  tick-icon 
Laundry room  tick-icon Sauna/steam room  tick-icon
Gym  tick-icon Childrens activity clubs  tick-icon
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Sports facilities  tick-icon Outdoor movie theater  tick-icon


   Ship Specifications


  • Size:Large
  • Length: 958 feet
  • Beam: 106 feet
  • Speed: 23.6 Knots
  • Tonnage: 92,700
  • Decks: 16
  • Crew: 1,100
  • Passengers: 2,826
  • Maiden Voyage: 5 February 2010
  • Christened: 23 February 2010
  • Godmother: Tala Dionisi

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