Ellan Vannin

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Ellan Vannin was originally built as the paddle steamer Mona’s isle in 1860; she entered service with the Isle of Man Steam Packet company in June of the same year.

In 1883 the ship was rebuilt and converted to a propeller driven ship capable of carrying 300 passengers.

On the morning of 3rd December 1909 the Ellan vannin left the port of Ramsey on the isle of man at 01.13 bound for Liverpool under the command of her Captain James Teare She was carrying 15 passengers, and 21 crew.

After departing the weather was moderate but the captain did not expect any significant change, however later the weather rapidly worsened and the ship was battered by hurricane force 12 winds and waves over 24 feet in height, it is thought that the vessel was broached by a large wave, which overwhelmed the ship and resulted in the sinking of the Ellan Vannin near the mersey channel with the loss of all passengers and crew.

An inquiry into the sinking of the ship found that the Ellan Vannin was in a good seaworthy condition and Captain James Teare was not to blame for the disaster and the cause was extreme weather.

12 months after the disaster Captain Teare's body was found washed ashore on Ainsdale beach in Southport, It was subsequently returned to the Isle of Man for burial.




Ship Specifications

  • Size: Small
  • Type : Paddle Steamer (original Build)
  • Length: 198 feet
  • Beam: 22 feet 
  • Tonnage: 375
  • Speed: 12.5 Knots
  • Crew: 21
  • Passengers: 299
  • Maiden Voyage: 1883 (as Ellan Vannin)
  • Current status: Sank in the irish sea near the Mersey Channel December 3, 1909 

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