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Andrea Gail Was a Longliner Fishing Vessel Built By Eastern Shipbuilding in 1978, And Owned By The Sea Gale Corporation She Was Originally Named Miss Penny But This Was Later Changed To Andrea Gail.

The Vessel Had Two Decks With Five Compartments Below The Main Deck Consisting Of The Fore Peak Water Tank, Machinery Room, Engine Room, Fish Hold And Freezer, And The Lazarette, Andrea Gail Was Fitted With A diesel Engine With A Single Screw Propeller.

In 1987 she received some Modifications Whilst In Dry Dock At The St Augustine Trawlers Shipyard In Florida which included lengthening the Vessel to Accommodate Two Additional Fuel Storage Tanks Capable Of Holding 3,800 Gallons In total.

On September 20, 1991 Andrea Gail departed from Gloucester harbour, Massachusetts on what would become her final voyage; she had been fishing off the coast of eastern Canada but due to a poor catch her Captain Frank W. "Billy" Tyne Jr decided to head east to the Flemish cap despite the deteriorating weather conditions, the ships onboard ice machine which was used to preserve the catch developed a problem so captain Tyne set a course for home around 26-27 October.

Andre Gail’s last reported transmission was on October 28 when she radioed her sister ship Hanna Boden and gave her position about 162 miles east of Sable Island.

The vessel was reported overdue on October 30, 1991 and An extensive air and sea search was launched covering 186,000 square nautical miles, Authorities called off the search for Andrea Gail on November 9, 1991 due to the low probability of finding any survivors, a small amount of wreckage from the Andrea Gail has been found including fuel drums, an empty life raft, and the ships radio beacon, The ship was presumed lost at sea along with her six crew somewhere near Sable Island.



Ship Specifications


  • Size: Small
  • Type :Longliner Fishing Vessel
  • Length: 57.9 feet
  • Beam: 20 feet
  • Tonnage: 92
  • Speed: 15 knots
  • Crew: 6
  • Current status: Lost At Sea

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Nautical Terms.

Port - This is the Left Hand Side of the Ship if Someone is Facing Forward Towards the Bow

Press gang - body of personnel from a ship sent ashore to recruit sailors to join the crew, the new recruits were usually offered the chance to volunteer but taken by force if they were unwilling

Rigging - The system of masts and lines on sailing ships

Scuttling - Making a hole in the hull of a ship in order to sink it deliberately

Starboard - The right side of the boat. Towards the right-hand side of a vessel when facing forward

Stern - The rear part of a ship

Strike the colours - To surrender the vessel to an enemy

Wake - Turbulence behind a vessel.