film-reelOn this page we have listed a selection of ship’s from Hollywood blockbuster movies, films and Television some are real ships others are fictitious,we shall be updating the list from time to time so please check back if the ship you are looking for is not listed.



Ship Name Movie


blackpearl The Black Pearl
Pirates of the Caribbean
Endeavourset  HMS Daunless Pirates of the Caribbean
The Interceptor Pirates of the Caribbean
ghost ship   Antonia Graza
Ghost Ship 2002
poseidon1974  SS Poseidon The Poseidon Adventure 1972
poseidon2006   Poseidon
Posseidon 2006
seabourn1  Seabourn Legend
Speed 2
RMS Titanic
Titanic 1997
pacificprincess   Pacific Princess
The Love Boat 1977
exxon valdez 01   Exxon Valdez
WaterWorld 1995
USS20Missouri   USS Missouri
Under Siege 1992
RMS Queen Elizabeth
The Man With The Golden Gun
arizona memorial  
USS Arizona
Pearl Harbour 2001
orca-Jaws photo  Orca
Jaws 1975
Juggernaut thumb SS Britannic
Juggernaut 1974

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