HMS Dauntless Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)




A floating set, was used to represent the Hms Dauntless and the Hms Endeavour  Although it is not as fast as the interceptor, the Royal Navy's HMS Dauntless is considered the power in the Caribbean. Indeed, just its name instills fear among pirates, as its enormous size and even more enormous firepower are renowned across the Caribbean.We first see the dauntless in the opening scene of the curse of the black pearl,where Young Elizabeth is seen on deck singing about pirates shortly after they find the wreck of a merchant vessel destroyed by the Black Pearl, and its crew saved the only survivor; a Young Will Turner, who accompanied those onboard to Port Royal. 


 Ship Specifications (estimated)

  • Port of registry: Port royal
  • Type: Ship of the line
  • 170 feet long with a beam measuring 34 feet
  • Speed: 8 knots
  • Flagship and pride of the Royal navy
  • Owner: George II
  • Crew members: Gillette, Mullroy, Murtogg, Mr Gibbs
  • Captains: james Norrington
  • maiden voyage:  sometime in the 17th century
  • Arms: 100 guns
  • Entertainment: Rum


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