Orca - Jaws (1975)


orca-Jaws photo



Ok the orca is not  a ship but a small fishing boat, but we thought we would throw it in for fun.

There were two boats used in the movie a replica of the orca was built for the sinking scene at the end of the film this boat Orca II was left on a beach near the small fishing village Menemsha, in Massachusetts, United States along with other bits and pieces left after filming, much of the Boat disappeared over the years due to souvenir hunters The remains were broken up in 2005, the other orca is Thought to be at the universal studios lot.

The first victim of the shark in jaws 2 was actually an Orca (killer whale) it is thought this may have been added as a Hollywood joke as Sam quint's boat was called Orca.

The Orca fishing boat was originally called The Warlock


 Boat Specifications

  • Size: Very small 
  • 39 feet long
  • beam measuring 11 feet
  • Speed: Slightly faster than a great white shark
  • Crew: 3
  • Type: Fishing boat
  • Owner: Sam Quint
  • Port of registry: Amity island
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Previous names: Warlock
  • Current Status: Sank after Shark Attack

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