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RMS Queen Elizabeth was an ocean liner operated by the Cunard White Star Line after many years of service she was retired in 1968 and the Queen Elizabeth was sold to a group of Philadelphia businessmen who intended to operate the ship as a hotel and tourist attraction however after running out of money the ship was sold in 1970 to Hong Kong tycoon C.Y. Tung, who intended to convert the vessel into a university During the conversion, however, the vessel was gutted by a fire that broke out at several different locations aboard, this is thought to have been caused by arson.

The ship capsized in shallow water in Hong Kong Victoria Harbour on January 9th 1972. The wreck was featured in the 1974 James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun, as a covert headquarters for MI6.



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 Ship Specifications

  • Size: Large
  • Weight: 83,673 tonnes
  • 1,031 feet long with a beam measuring 118 feet
  • Speed: 28.5 knots
  • Crew: 1000+
  • Port of Registry: Liverpool
  • Passenger Cappacity: 2,283
  • Port of registry: Nassau, Bahamas
  • Maiden Voyage: 3rd March 1940
  • Christened: 27th september 1938
  • Status: remains lie on sea bed in Hong Kong harbour


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