The Black Pearl - Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)




The Black Pearl is easily recognised by her distinctive black hull and sails.Originally named the Wicked Wench and was registered to the East India Trading Co. and owned by Lord Cutler Beckett, she was commissioned to Jack Sparrow However, when Captain Sparrow learned that the "cargo" was West African slaves, he set them free, The furious Beckett removed Sparrow from his position, and branded him a pirate.The ship was ordered to be burned and sunk by beckett but was later raised from the sea floor by Davy Jones after making a pact with Jack Sparrow who re christened her the Black Pearl. She is said to be, "nigh uncatchable". she has had 3 captains jack sparrow, Hector barbossa and joshamee gibbs




ssw Please Note: Some of the specifications are estimated as "the black pearl is not a real ship, yes it is I've seen it! you've seen it?? yes I have!  you've seen a ship with black sails,thats crewed by the dammed and captained by a man soo evil that hell itself spat him back out!  No....but I have seen a ship with black sails" 


 Ship Specifications   (Ship specifications estimated)


  • Previous names: Wicked Wench
  • Type: East indiaman
  • 135 feet long with a beam measuring 33 feet
  • Speed: nigh uncatchable
  • The ship weighs approximately 1,100 tonnes
  • The ship has 4 decks
  • Crew: 150
  • Captains: Jack sparrow, Hector barbossa,
  • Joshamee gibbs
  • maiden voyage:  sometime in the 17th century
  • Arms: 32 Cannons
  • Entertainment: Rum


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