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 The Interceptor Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)




Unlike the Black pearl and the dauntless The HMS Interceptor is a real ship with a fictitious name and is portrayed by the tall ship Lady Washington, In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl she is hailed as the fastest ship in the Caribbean, the HMS Interceptor is first seen when Jack Sparrow attempts to board it (with the intention of stealing it) while most of the Royal Navy is attending Commodore James Norrington's promotion ceremony.

The Interceptor is armed with twelve 6-pound main deck guns, six on deck and six in the cabin, and four 2-pound guns on the poop deck Along with the sixteen main guns, it also has two small swivel guns on the poop deck.  The Interceptor was sunk after a battle with the black pearl.


   Ship Specifications


  • Type: Brig
  • 112 feet long with a beam measuring 22 feet
  • Speed: 10 knots
  • The ship weighs approximately 99 tonnes
  • The ship has 4 decks
  • Port of registry: Port royal
  • Captains: james norrington, jack sparrow, Anamaria
  • maiden voyage:  sometime in the 17th century
  • Arms: 16 guns + 2 swivel guns
  • Entertainment: Rum


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