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USS Arizona - Pearl Harbour (2001)





The USS Arizona was a Pennsylvania-class battleship of the United States Navy. Shortly after 08:00 on the 7 December 1941 during the Japanese attack on pearl harbour a bomb dropped by a high-altitude Japanese bomber hit the Arizona and exploded in the area of her ammunition magazine the cataclysmic explosion ripped through the forward part of the ship and she sank in the shallow water,in the movie pearl harbour the Arizona was recreated using CG effects, and The USS Missouri was used for several of the battleships during filming by simply changing the life preservers with the ship's names. 



 Ship Specifications

battleship 2
  • Size: Medium
  • Weight: 31,400 tonnes
  • 608 feet long with a beam measuring 97 feet
  • Speed: 21 knots
  • Crew: 1,081
  • Type: Pennsylvania class Battleship
  • Guns: 4x3- 14" 45 calliber , 22x1-5" 51 calliber
  • Torpedos: 2x 21" Tubes
  • Christened: 17th October 1916
  • Current Status: Memorial - pearl harbour


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