Crown Princess

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Crown princess came into service in 2006, she is owned by the carnival corporation and operated by princess cruise line, the ship was named in a ceremony that took place in New York in June 2006 with American business woman and TV personality Martha Stewart acting as godmother.

On board Crown Princess offers 7 different stateroom options, these consist of interior, ocean view obstructed, ocean view, balcony, mini suite with balcony, suite with windows, family suite with balcony, and suite with balcony which comes with premium features including luxury balcony furniture, deluxe canapés, fresh flowers, DVD/CD player, free access to DVD library, two flat-panel TVs, one complimentary mini-bar setup, a roomy walk-in closet, upgraded bathroom amenities, complimentary use of the Lotus Spa Thermal Suite, and complimentary laundry and dry cleaning services.

The ship offers several formal dining rooms in the cruise tradition, with Traditional Dining at the same times for each meal, Anytime Dining, which means you aren't limited to eating at a fixed time or place Instead, the choice of when and where you want to eat is flexible, other options include Casual Dining such as burgers or hot dogs from the trident grill, and speciality dinning which usually require you to book a reservation.

Plenty of on board entertainment is available and crown princess is equipped with all the usual cruise ship facilities such as a casino, pools and whirlpools, the princess theatre sets the stage with captivating productions and some of the most talented musicians, singers and dancers at sea, the ship is also equipped with a large outdoor Led movie screen.





Onboard Entertainment and Facilities


Pools tick-icon whirlpools tick-icon
Flowrider  Cross-icon  Rock wall  Cross-icon 
Restaurants & Bars  tick-icon  Shops  tick-icon 
Fast Food  tick-icon  Room Service  tick-icon 
Nightclub or Disco  tick-icon  Lounge  tick-icon 
Theater  tick-icon Cafe's  tick-icon
Casino  tick-icon  Piano Bar  tick-icon 
Pursers desk  tick-icon  Excursion desk  tick-icon 
Library  tick-icon  Photo shop  tick-icon 
Card room  tick-icon  Medical room  tick-icon 
Laundry room  tick-icon Sauna/steam room  tick-icon
Gym  tick-icon Childrens activity clubs  tick-icon
Babysitting service  tick-icon Video games room  tick-icon
Sports facilities  tick-icon Outdoor movie theater  tick-icon



Ship Specifications



  • Size: Huge
  • Length: 950 feet
  • Beam: 118 feet
  • Speed: 21.5 knots
  • Tonnage: 112,894
  • Decks: 19
  • Crew: 1,142
  • Passengers: 3,120
  • Maiden Voyage: June 14 2006  
  • Christened: June 2006
  • Godmother: Martha Stewart


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Nautical Phrase's

Cut and Run: If a captain of a small ship encountered a large enemy vessel he would order the crew to cut the lashings on all the sails and run away.

Freeze the balls of off a brass monkey: On ships, cannon balls were sometimes stacked on a flat plate what was called a monkey, usually made from brass. When it got really cold the monkey would contract making some of the cannon balls fall off.

Over a barrel: the main method of punishment aboard ship was flogging which usually involved the sailor being tied over the barrel of a deck cannon whilst the punishment was administered.

Pipe down: was the last signal from the Bosun's pipe each day which meant "lights out" and "silence".

Rummage Sale: comes from the french word "arrimage" meaning ship's cargo any damaged cargo would be sold at a rummage sale.

Bamboozle: from the Spanish custom of hoisting false flags to deceive confuse or bamboozle the enemy

Fealing Groggy: sailors received a daily ration of rum which was diluted with water this mixture was known as Grog,A sailor who drank too much grog was “groggy”.

No room to swing a cat: if a sailor was to receve punishment The entire ship’s company was required to witness the flogging, members of The crew might crowd around so that the Bosun’s Mate might not have enough room to swing his cat o’ nine tails.

Footloose: The bottom portion of a sail is called the foot. If it is not secured properly, it is footloose and it flaps about randomly in the wind.