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  grand staircase


The grand staircase refers to the large ornate staircase located in the first-class section, there are in fact two grand staircases, the forward staircase descended five levels down from the Boat Deck to the F-deck, however after E-deck the ornate design is not continued and it continues into F-deck as an ordinary staircase.

The staircase featured large glass domes, oak panelling and detailed carvings, paintings, bronze cherubs and a clock surrounded by an intricate oak carving.

The aft staircase is similar in design but with a less ornate clock. 




On the wreck of the titanic the staircase has long gone ,the ornate panels have been eaten away and the glass dome is gone leaving a gaping hole, however with the staircase now gone from the wreck the large hole does provide easy access for exploring submersibles to get into the ship. 

A full-scale re-creation of the Grand Staircase can be found by visiting the titanic exhibition at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas USA, You can also see the Grand Staircase at the newly opened Titanic attraction in Belfast, northern Ireland, however the latter can only be seen if you are attending an event in the conference centre as it is not part of the museum tour.



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Titanic Trivia

Dogs: Titanic had nine dogs on board when she sank, only Two survived.

Newspaper: Titanic had its own on board newspaper The Atlantic Daily Bulletin.

Two Bathtubs: More than 700 passengers in third class had to share Two Bathtubs

Rivets: 3 Million rivets held the hull together

Never christened: Titanic was never officially christened or named as white star line traditional policy was to launch without a christening.

Children: All 24 children in second class survived the disaster.

Construction: 6 workers died on the titanic during construction.

Jenny: Titanic had her own cat called jenny, unconfirmed reports suggest the cat transported her new litter of kittens off the doomed ship when it docked in Southampton and left for a new life.