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  RMS Titanics reading room


Forward on the Promenade Deck was the first class reading and writing room decorated in late Georgian style, The room had soft white panelling, and there were beautiful designs on the ceiling, elegant furniture, the sun's rays flooded the room through the bay window on the port side and a fireplace aft anchored the beautiful proportions of the room, the location of the reading room was just behind the 1st class lounge on the promenade A deck.

As a counterpoint to the men’s smoking room, this stylish space was primarily intended for the ladies. After dinner the women could gravitate to this cozy space for coffee or conversation.

The Reading room was probably destroyed in the final stages of the sinking as it was located in the area where titanic broke apart.





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Titanic Trivia

Dogs: Titanic had nine dogs on board when she sank, only Two survived.

Newspaper: Titanic had its own on board newspaper The Atlantic Daily Bulletin.

Two Bathtubs: More than 700 passengers in third class had to share Two Bathtubs

Rivets: 3 Million rivets held the hull together

Never christened: Titanic was never officially christened or named as white star line traditional policy was to launch without a christening.

Children: All 24 children in second class survived the disaster.

Construction: 6 workers died on the titanic during construction.

Jenny: Titanic had her own cat called jenny, unconfirmed reports suggest the cat transported her new litter of kittens off the doomed ship when it docked in Southampton and left for a new life.