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The titanic's boat deck is the top deck on the ship. It included the gymnasium, the bridge/wheelhouse ,officers' quarters, and the lifeboats. This was the top most level of the grand staircase. This deck was furnished with 16 wooden lifeboats, each 30 ft  long by 9 ft 1 in  wide, with a capacity of 65 persons each, and four Englehardt collapsible lifeboats measuring 27 ft 5 in  long by 8 ft  wide. The collapsible lifeboats had a capacity of 47 persons each.


Titanic had too few lifeboats to evacuate all of the 2,223 souls on board, the capacity of the 20 lifeboats that the ship carried was 1,178 but many boats were launched only half full due to delays caused by allowing only women and children into boats, after titanic’s collision with the iceberg first officer William Murdoch was put in charge of the evacuation on the starboard side of the ship during which he managed to launch a total of ten lifeboats containing almost 75% of the survivors of the disaster, he was last seen trying to launch collapsible lifeboat A during the final moments of the sinking, it is not known if Murdoch went down with the ship or if his body was one of the many unidentified recovered.


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The Gymnasium        The Bridge/Wheelhouse        The Officers Quarters 


The Marconi Room             Deck Plan of the boat deck 


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Titanic Trivia

Dogs: Titanic had nine dogs on board when she sank, only Two survived.

Newspaper: Titanic had its own on board newspaper The Atlantic Daily Bulletin.

Two Bathtubs: More than 700 passengers in third class had to share Two Bathtubs

Rivets: 3 Million rivets held the hull together

Never christened: Titanic was never officially christened or named as white star line traditional policy was to launch without a christening.

Children: All 24 children in second class survived the disaster.

Construction: 6 workers died on the titanic during construction.

Jenny: Titanic had her own cat called jenny, unconfirmed reports suggest the cat transported her new litter of kittens off the doomed ship when it docked in Southampton and left for a new life.