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The Marconi Room is located on the boat deck 40 feet aft from the bridge and connected by a corridor on the port side of the officers' quarters, Titanic was equipped with marconiamp39s new wireless telegraph system, When the condition of the ship was realised, Captain Smith ordered wireless messages to be sent out to all steamships within reach.




At 12.15am, 15 April, the first distress signal CQD was transmitted by Titanic, soon followed by the now familiar SOS. They continued until 2.17am when Titanic's signals abruptly ended.

RMS Titanic had two Marconi operators-Jack Phillips and Harold Bride who kept the wireless room running 24 hours a day, John George "Jack" Phillips was born on the 11th of April 1887 and was the senior wireless operator on the titanic, Mr Phillips worked tirelessly to send wireless messages to enlist help from other ships after titanic had struck the iceberg, Jack Phillips survived the sinking of the ship and managed to make it to the overturned lifeboat B, where He hung on till daylight but died before being rescued by the Carpathia.

Harold Sydney Bride was born on 11th January 1890, he was the junior wireless officer on the titanic, during the sinking he remained at his post along with his senior counterpart jack Phillips until the ship's power was almost completely out, Bride was washed off the ship as the boat deck flooded, he also managed to make it to the overturned lifeboat B and eventually taken aboard the RMS Carpathia.

After the sinking Mr Bride was a key witness in the inquiries into the disaster, he eventually married Lucy Downie and they had three children together, Harold Bride died on 29 April 1956 aged 66 and was cremated at Glasgow Crematorium Chapel, Glasgow, Scotland.


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Titanic Trivia

Crows Nest Warning: After lookouts Frederick Fleet and Reginald lee Sounded the alarm, officers on the bridge had only 37 seconds to respond before titanic struck the iceberg.

Lifeboat Drill: For reasons Unknown captain Smith cancelled the scheduled lifeboat drill due to take place on April 14, 1912

Titanic Dogs: From the nine on board Two dogs a Pekinese and a Pomeranian managed to make it into lifeboats and survived the disaster.

Smokestacks: One of titanics smokestacks was cosmetic as designers thought the ship would look more impressive with four funnels, however it did have a purpose as it provided ventilation to the turbine engine room and the reciprocating engine room.

Ripples in time: The sinking of the titanic probably changed the course of history, the loss of the world’s largest, most advanced ship deemed unsinkable not only brought about recommendations to the ship building codes, but unlike today communication in 1912 was difficult, there was no internet or mobile phones, for most of the population mail was the most common form of long distant communication, Titanic was effectively a floating post office when she sank seven million individual items of mail were lost and did not make it to their destination, this gives us food for thought as we will never know what was in all those letters.