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white star RMS Titanic -  Wheelhouse



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The titanic's bridge contained all the usual equipment for a ship of that day. The main items of interest were three polished ships telegraphs which showed direction, speed and sent orders to the engine room, other items within the bridge area included automatic fog warning equipment, four telephones, and the control panel for operating titanic watertight doors these doors were closed shortly after the ship collided with the iceberg probably using the control panel located in the bridge, however the doors also had a float built into the door mechanism which would also activate the door if water was detected, once the watertight doors had closed they could only be opened again using the control panel in the bridge.


The ships wheel was not in the main bridge area but in a tiny room separated by windows immediately behind the bridge, this room was called the wheelhouse, some survivors of the titanic disaster reported to have seen captain smith lock himself inside the wheelhouse during the final moments of the sinking but due to conflicting accounts Captain Smith's fate will probably remain uncertain. 



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The Gymnasium         The Boat Deck        The Officers Quarters         The Marconi Room


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Titanic Trivia

Dogs: Titanic had nine dogs on board when she sank, only Two survived.

Newspaper: Titanic had its own on board newspaper The Atlantic Daily Bulletin.

Two Bathtubs: More than 700 passengers in third class had to share Two Bathtubs

Rivets: 3 Million rivets held the hull together

Never christened: Titanic was never officially christened or named as white star line traditional policy was to launch without a christening.

Children: All 24 children in second class survived the disaster.

Construction: 6 workers died on the titanic during construction.

Jenny: Titanic had her own cat called jenny, unconfirmed reports suggest the cat transported her new litter of kittens off the doomed ship when it docked in Southampton and left for a new life.