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RMS Titanic - 1st Class Pursers Office


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The First class Purser’s office was located near forward Grand Staircase on the starboard side of the ship, whilst travelling on the titanic passengers visited the purser’s Office to purchase tickets for the Ship’s Turkish Baths, deck chairs, swimming pool, and electric baths, guests wishing to send a radio telegram to friends and family back home could do so from here for a fee, the message was then conveyed to the Marconi Room on the Boat Deck by way of a pneumatic tube system, the purser’s office also contained a number of safes where passengers could store jewellery and valuables.


The chief purser on titanic was Hugh McElroy who had worked for the white star line for thirteen years, and was paid a wage of £20 per month, although this doesn’t seem much it would amount to around £1,680 in today’s money.

Second class passengers had their own pursers office located on “E” deck opposite the Aft Staircase, the office was organised by Assistant Purser Reginald L. Baker and run by Purser’s Clerk Ernest W. King, there was no purser’s facility for 3rd class passengers in steerage.



The purser’s office also held the ships manifest which contained the crew, passenger and cargo lists.


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       Cargo Manifest                        Crew Manifest                  Passenger Manifest


Images of the actual RMS Titanic Passenger manifest can be found below

Sample 1                                   Sample 2                                Sample 3



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Titanic Trivia

Dogs: Titanic had nine dogs on board when she sank, only Two survived.

Newspaper: Titanic had its own on board newspaper The Atlantic Daily Bulletin.

Two Bathtubs: More than 700 passengers in third class had to share Two Bathtubs

Rivets: 3 Million rivets held the hull together

Never christened: Titanic was never officially christened or named as white star line traditional policy was to launch without a christening.

Children: All 24 children in second class survived the disaster.

Construction: 6 workers died on the titanic during construction.

Jenny: Titanic had her own cat called jenny, unconfirmed reports suggest the cat transported her new litter of kittens off the doomed ship when it docked in Southampton and left for a new life.