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Located far aft on C-deck, the Second-Class Library served as the main lounge for the second-class passengers, As there were no cafés in second class, afternoon tea and coffee was served in the library, as well as book shelves the room was equipped with comfortable chairs and tables for writing or playing cards

The library was easily accessed from the main second-class staircase and was adjacent to the enclosed second-class promenade area. Decorated in the Colonial Adams style and was the only room onboard to use an American décor style.

At the time of writing this article the condition of the 2nd class library is unknown due to its location within the extensively damaged 350 foot long stern section of the ship, it is thought that this part of the ship had not completely flooded when titanic sank, the stern section gained speed on the decent to the bottom after hitting the sea floor The decks pancaked on top of each other and pockets of trapped air imploded ripping apart large sections of the hull leaving a tangled mass of steel.



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