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Crew bunks

                   Above is an Example photo of crew bunks not taken aboard Titanic


Titanic’s crew accommodation were spread over various decks including C-deck whilst the officers had their quarters on the boat deck near the wheelhouse other crew members like engineers, stokers, greasers etc remained below decks away from the passengers, if they needed to access a different part of the ship they could do so by using their own special corridors, they would have slept in cramped conditions in bunks, the men also had their own kitchen and crew mess.

When Titanic sank most of the crew below decks perished as they chose to stay at their posts, however some Hollywood films depict the crew would have been trapped when the watertight doors were closed but this is untrue, in the event of the watertight doors being closed crew could escape to the floors above using steel ladders.



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Shelter Deck-C      First Class Pursers Office       First Class Barber Shop


2nd Class Library                 Doctors Office 

3rd Class General Room              1st Class Staterooms 


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