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Titanic’s doctors office on c-deck was located towards the stern of the ship near the 2nd class entrance.

The medical facilities on the ship was very good and were equipped with a large assortment of medical instruments and medicines, Dr. O'Loughlin (seen above top left) was the senior surgeon of the White Star Line and had previously worked on the RMS Olympic.

Dr. John Edward Simpson (seen above bottom left) was the Assistant Surgeon; they were assisted by a small medical team including Matron Katherine Wallis who was in charge of the passengers in third class.

Before boarding a medical examination was performed on all steerage passengers and crew travelling in third class which including checking for head lice after the check up a health certificate was attached to their ticket.

Dr. O'Loughlin, Dr. John Edward Simpson and Matron Katherine Wallis all perished during the sinking.



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