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A fun website dedicated to the ships of the world. Find out facts and figures of your favourite ships, complete with photo's, galleries and video clips, on the White star line page there is an in depth deck by deck look at the RMS Titanic with plenty of photos of the great ship together with a complete crew and passenger list and cargo manifest, Learn about shipwrecks and their location, and on our movie stars page you can learn about ships featured in your favourite hollywood movies.

If you have been lucky enough to have cruised on any of the ships you can now post your own Ship review.


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 Movie stars


We are talking about the ships not the actors of course, here you can learn about the ships from you favourite movies, from pirates of the Caribbean to Pearl harbour you’ll find them here. These will be updated from time to time so please feel free to keep checking back if the ship you are looking for is not listed.




Famous Shipwrecks    (Pictured Left)  SS American Star



There are Thousands and Thousands of shipwrecks throughout the world, wrecks can be found on Beaches and under the sea, these ships contain treasure's and Valuables worth billions, on our shipwreck page we have listed a small selection of wrecks some famous and some that you may not have heard of.




RMS Titanic

The Titanic is Probably the most famous ship in the world, on our Titanic page learn more about the great ship and her Officers, why not visit the pursers office where you can view the crew, passenger and cargo manifests.    


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Titanic Trivia

Crows Nest Warning: After lookouts Frederick Fleet and Reginald lee Sounded the alarm, officers on the bridge had only 37 seconds to respond before titanic struck the iceberg.

Lifeboat Drill: For reasons Unknown captain Smith cancelled the scheduled lifeboat drill due to take place on April 14, 1912

Titanic Dogs: From the nine on board Two dogs a Pekinese and a Pomeranian managed to make it into lifeboats and survived the disaster.

Smokestacks: One of titanics smokestacks was cosmetic as designers thought the ship would look more impressive with four funnels, however it did have a purpose as it provided ventilation to the turbine engine room and the reciprocating engine room.

Ripples in time: The sinking of the titanic probably changed the course of history, the loss of the world’s largest, most advanced ship deemed unsinkable not only brought about recommendations to the ship building codes, but unlike today communication in 1912 was difficult, there was no internet or mobile phones, for most of the population mail was the most common form of long distant communication, Titanic was effectively a floating post office when she sank seven million individual items of mail were lost and did not make it to their destination, this gives us food for thought as we will never know what was in all those letters.