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RMS Titanic -  3rd Class Cabin


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Third Class cabins on the titanic were capable of accommodating two, four, or six people, cabins were basic by today standards and consisted of a bunk bed, limited amount of wardrobe space and a sink, heating and lighting were also provided at no extra cost.

The larger six occupant cabins usually housed families or same sex passengers, there were no toilet facilities within the cabins but public toilets were available.

There were very limited bathing facilities for third class passengers, in fact there were only two bath tubs for use by all of the steerage passengers.



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Titanic Facts

One way Ticket: The cost of a one way ticket on the titanic were First Class (parlor suite) £870/$4,350 ($83,200 today)
First Class (berth) £30/$150 ($2975 today)
Second Class £12/$60 ($1200 today)
Third Class £3 to £8/$40 ($298 to $793 today)

Speed: of the Titanic at point of impact with the iceburg 20.5 knots (approx 23mph)

Titanic's Route :
Southampton, England (departure)
Cherbourg, France
Queenstown, Ireland
New York City, USA (never arrived)