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Titanic’s Turkish baths was located on f-deck on the starboard side of the ship near the swimming pool, the baths which included a steam room, a hot room, a temperate room, shampooing rooms, toilets and a cooling room was for use by first class passengers only, anyone wanting to use the facility would have to purchase a ticket from the pursers desk as use of the baths was not included in the price of passage, ticket prices for the Turkish baths was 4 shillings or $1 per person, in today’s money that would be the equivalent of about $25.

The room was decorated with ornate blue and green tiles and an elaborately carved Cairo curtain concealed the port holes, a fresh water drinking fountain was also provided equipment included a state of the art electrically heated bed.



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Titanic Facts

Coal: Titanic burned on average 620 tons per day when cruising at 21 .7 knots

Mail: The Titanic carried 3,423 sacks of mail, That was an estimated seven million individual items

Empire State: The Titanic is about as long as the Empire State building is tall.

Water: The Titanic used approximately 14,000 gallons of drinking water every 24 hours.