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Titanic had a total of six boiler rooms housing 29 huge boilers,24 of the boilers were double ended and the remaining five were single ended the larger double ended boilers were 20 feet in length and contained six furnaces, the smaller boilers were just under 12 feet long and contained three furnaces, making the total number of furnaces 159,on an average day titanic’s firemen would shovel 825 tonnes of coal into the furnaces to provide enough steam to keep the vessel in motion, In addition to supplying steam for the engines, the boilers also provided the steam which turned the electric dynamos, which provided electricity for the ship, the steam also provided heating for the passenger cabins and public rooms.

At some point During the ships final moments titanic broke in half either on or just below the surface during the break up the five single ended boilers weighing 57 tonnes each were dislodged from their mountings and spilled out of boiler room no 1.

On the morning of September 1st 1985 during the expedition led by Dr Robert Ballard to find the titanic one of the ships huge boilers was discovered lying on the seabed indicated they were searching in the right area, shortly after that same day the titanic was found some 73 years after she sank.



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Titanic Facts

Coal: Titanic burned on average 620 tons per day when cruising at 21 .7 knots

Mail: The Titanic carried 3,423 sacks of mail, That was an estimated seven million individual items

Empire State: The Titanic is about as long as the Empire State building is tall.

Water: The Titanic used approximately 14,000 gallons of drinking water every 24 hours.